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I remember on one of the many occasions that we were in West Monroe for a late night movie that we went through the Chick fil-A drive through and you ordered something to eat. I ordered a coke. We were saving our money for the movie so I decided not to eat. When we got to the pickup window the two guys in there said ya'll are our 100th customer of the day so you get your meal free!  We looked at each other and said WOW! After we drove off we speculated on what they must have been mad at their boss about to give us our entire meal free! I said if I had known that it was going to be free I would have gotten something to eat, too!  We were so excited about the whole deal since we didn't have alot of money to start with.  It's memories like those that I'll cherish forever.  I miss you girl. My daughter, my best friend. Thanks for the memories. I love you.




And now I know why you finally tossed me that Canadian Penny.  Because you wanted me to know that a little bit of Canada had finally made it to the South!  Remember how long after you first tasted these wonderful chips in Canada that you and I wondered would it be before they made it to Louisiana?  Well, my angel they finally made it. I found them at Wal Mart in Monroe today. Glad I could share the first bite with you at the cemetery.  I wished you could have hung around a little longer so I would have been able to bring a bag home and say, Meggie, guess what I found today? Then I would have pulled the bag of chips out and you would have said, well it's about time!  I still have that ziploc bag with those crumbs of your ketchup chips in them in the freezer. I'll leave them in there for the rest of my life I guess. I miss you so much. Sleep well my love. I love you.

Aunt Cindy

Seeing the bag of Ketchup flavored potato chips just reminds me so much of Megan and how she loved ketchup.  And now there is someone else that shares the love of ketchup just like Megan and that is Kyndhl.  Every time she asks for ketchup, whether it is on Cheetos or pizza or whatever, I still think of Megan.  My oh my the ketchup those two could have gone through. 

Rest in peace, sweet girl.



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