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Angela-Dau.2.Ang.Linda Taylor Thinking of you... August 12, 2009

mom 2 Waylon Kitchens hugs July 31, 2009
Wishing you a beautiful weekend! 
Angela-Dau.2.Ang.Linda Taylor Sending 4th of July Wishes to you.. July 3, 2009

Wendy ^Y^ Kevin Conatty Family Happy 4th of July Hugs Wendy and Sarah July 1, 2009

Mom Ketchup Potato Chips June 20, 2009

And now I know why you finally tossed me that Canadian Penny.  Because you wanted me to know that a little bit of Canada had finally made it to the South!  Remember how long after you first tasted these wonderful chips in Canada that you and I wondered would it be before they made it to Louisiana?  Well, my angel they finally made it. I found them at Wal Mart in Monroe today. Glad I could share the first bite with you at the cemetery.  I wished you could have hung around a little longer so I would have been able to bring a bag home and say, Meggie, guess what I found today? Then I would have pulled the bag of chips out and you would have said, well it's about time!  I still have that ziploc bag with those crumbs of your ketchup chips in them in the freezer. I'll leave them in there for the rest of my life I guess. I miss you so much. Sleep well my love. I love you.

Robin A message from a stranger June 16, 2009

Hi Megan's mom,

You may not remember me, but we talked in Wal-mart one day and you told me about the death of your only child and I shared with you about the death of my only child who passed away(Nov '08) at the age of 27. You gave me a card about her memorial site and, I must say, it is such a beautiful tribute. I know she's still catching the tears before they fall. Be encouraged and let's continue to keep picking up those "pennies from heaven"! God bless you sister!!

Angela-Dau.2.Ang.Linda Taylor Happy Memorial Day! May 25, 2009

Mom I love you May 23, 2009
Angela-Dau.2.Ang.Linda Taylor Thinking of you... May 19, 2009

Angela-Dau.2.Ang.Linda Taylor Sending Hugs!! May 5, 2009

♥♥WENDY♥Angel Kevin♥Conatty♥♥ REMEMBERING YOU April 27, 2009

Marilyn Allen New Web Site March 30, 2009



     I can't believe how beautiful this new web site is for Megan.  You can never say that you don't know too much about computers.  I know Megan would be proud how much you have done.  She will always be in our hearts and prayers.  I still enjoy reading the candles that were lit in her honor.  Enjoyed talking to you in WalMart.



Mamaw Marilyn

Cathy March 30, 2009

Precious Memorials March 30, 2009

Mom I'm There Inside Your Heart March 30, 2009
Right now you're in a different place and though we are apart, you're closer that you ever were you're here inside my heart. You're with me when I greet each day and while the sun shines bright, you're there to share the sunsets too, you're with me every night. You're with me when the times are good to share a laugh you see. And if a tear should start to fall you'll still be here for me. And when that day arrives that we're longer apart, I'll smile and hold you close to me forever in my heart.
Mom March 30, 2009
I finally changed the wallpaper on your computer yesterday. It still had your Honda Civic Si on it. Now it has a beautiful picture of you. Everytime I start to change anything on your computer I beat myself up about it for several days before I can do it. I've always wanted to leave your computer exactly as you left it. But it's been a learning experience, too. I even opened the case yesterday and blew all the dust out.  Once again I was amazed at how knowledgeable you were on each part as you put it together. I'm trying my best to keep it going. I remember all you told me about defragging, good firewalls, anti-virus software, and running the Ad Aware every 30 days. I even know a little bit about finding and downloading drivers now. I can do all this, yet it's still so hard to make it through each day without you. That's the hardest part. Stay close to Mom each day. And should something go wrong with this wonderful machine you left me, help me replace the part and get it going again. I miss you so much girl.  One more thing.....I saved your Honda Civic Si wallpaper in several places so I wouldn't lose it. I love you.
Mom Grief March 30, 2009

Grief is a tidal wave that over takes you,
smashes down upon you with unimaginable force,
sweeps you up into its darkness,
where you tumble and crash against unidentifiable surfaces,
only to be thrown out on an unknown beach, bruised, reshaped...
Grief will make a new person out of you,
if it doesn't kill you in the making.

I love you Meg,


Kieanna Burgess March 30, 2009

Megan was very beautiful. You raised a smart and wonderful daughter. She wouldn't want you to stop living because she is gone. God has a special plan for her. Maybe she was too good for this place. When you miss your daughter don't think about her death or her not being here. Think about the way she smile and think about her looking sad because shes in a better place and you're here suffering. I hope you can some how find just a little bit of happiness without her.

                                                                        Your new friend 

Lorraine March 30, 2009
Lorraine And Andre Rosas-Rochelle

Dearest Karen, 

Thank you for the beautiful Christmas card, it also holds a special place in our hearts as does your beautiful daughter Megan for it represents something dear to us. It also is the first "Angel" card we received. Your letter is beautiful and we are grateful that you have many memories to cherish of time spent with your beautiful daughter.Megan is beautiful we will place her picture in the curio cabinet we are planning to get for our baby Patricks memories this Christmas, she will forever be thought of with love and in prayer, and in her memory our family will keep her candle shining brightly. Sending you blessings for a Merry Christmas and many many Hugs XOXO Karen.

God Bless,

Lorraine and Andre parents to our angel baby Patrick

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